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Predictive Technology Group has aligned its subsidiaries to focus on specific points of the care continuum – detection, prevention and treatment. Predictive Analytics, Predictive Laboratories, and Predictive Biotech each bring critical solutions to personalized patient care by leveraging our research, genomics, vast genetic library and expertise in developing bioscience solutions.

Vast, proprietary genetic database and biobank used to accelerate medical discoveries

Predictive Analytics is the repository for our vast genetic library. This library is a foundational component across all Predictive entities. It is a valued asset for current and future collaborations. Predictive Analytics is the newest entity and was formed to organize these assets under one subsidiary versus being held in parts throughout our companies.

Providing the map and guide for personalized medicine

Predictive Laboratories’ discoveries in molecular and genetic diagnostics focus on helping women and their clinicians address endometriosis and other disease that impact fertility. Predictive offers earlier detection of these diseases through a genetic assessment to guide personalized precision medicine. Leveraging its vast genetic library, Predictive enables the discovery of genes and gene mutations that identify hard-to-diagnose and hard-to-detect diseases and their prognosis.

The Company’s proprietary tests include ARTguide™ and FertilityDX™. ARTguide™ is a blood test that assesses a woman’s endometriosis risk and other genetic causes of infertility in order to optimally navigate the path towards conception. FertilityDX™ is a comprehensive test and service that uses the parental genetic assessment as a map to guide the journey to a successful pregnancy and a healthy newborn. Predictive’s tests are processed at the company’s state-of-the-art CAP and CLIA accredited laboratory, equipping physicians with the most robust diagnostic tools to provide personalized precision treatment for their patients.

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A leader in Regenerative Medicine

Predictive Biotech is a leader in regenerative medicine, its products are derived from tissue sources rich in properties that support the body’s natural ability to heal itself. All products are safely, ethically and minimally processed to deliver allografts that preserve the naturally occurring characteristics and factors of the donor tissue. Predictive’s signature products are uniquely born from the Wharton’s jelly layer of the umbilical cord and placental tissue.

With over 150,000 units delivered, product safety and consistency have been realized by thousands of practices throughout the United States. Our research and use of proprietary processing methods have propelled Predictive’s placental-derived and Wharton’s Jelly umbilical cord-derived products to new heights.

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