Predictive Technology Group Engages CLSA Capital Markets Limited, A Citic Securities Company, To Support Product Launches Into China’s Rapidly Growing Women’s Health And Fertility Market

SALT LAKE CITY (October 15, 2019) Predictive Technology Group, Inc. (OTC PINK: PRED), a leader in the development of genetic and molecular diagnostics and companion therapeutics, announces that it has engaged CLSA Capital Markets Limited, a CITIC Securities Company, to provide introductions to potential strategic partners and regulatory guidance to support the launch of its proprietary genetic-based products into China’s (PRC) rapidly growing markets for women’s health and fertility.  Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

“Given our genetic library, research and understanding of genetics, endometriosis and other factors that may affect a woman’s fertility, we are excited to bring our noninvasive testing technology to this large, emerging market that already surpasses the U.S. in terms of the number of affected women,” said Bradley Robinson, Chief Executive Officer of Predictive Technology Group. “Our tests help both the doctor and patient understand and navigate the barriers to fertility, changing the path to a healthy baby. We are especially pleased to collaborate in this endeavor with CLSA, a leading capital markets and investment group in Asia.”

Predictive expects to introduce ARTguide™ among other fertility diagnostics to the Chinese market. On October 14, 2019, Predictive launched the full U.S. market availability of ARTguide, its test to evaluate the risk for endometriosis and other genetic causes of infertility in women, at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) 2019 Scientific Congress and Expo in Philadelphia.

In 2016 the National Health and Family Planning Commission of the PRC reported that 40 million Chinese couples were experiencing fertility issues.  Similarly, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) reported in 2017 that an estimated 25% of Chinese women of childbearing age struggled with infertility issues.  In 2018 the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology estimated that approximately 800,000 assisted reproductive technology (ART) cycles, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), were being performed in China annually.  Chinese women are driving the fertility markets both in China and medical tourism industries overseas.  The global IVF market is expected to grow at an annual rate of 10.2% and to reach $36.2 billion by 2026.  The U.S. Center for Disease Control reported that of the patients who sought fertility care in 2017, 284,385 ART cycles were performed resulting in 78,052 live born infants with ART accounting for 1.7% of all infants born in the U.S. annually.


Predictive Laboratories ARTguide Test

ARTguide is the first integrated, DNA-based test that evaluates the risk for endometriosis and other genetic causes of infertility in women.  It provides a greater understanding of over a dozen genetic conditions affecting a woman’s fertility by identifying previously invisible barriers to conception, consequently improving ART success rates.  ARTguide is appropriate for all women considering use of ART to overcome difficulty conceiving or carrying a pregnancy.

ARTguide was introduced to a limited number of U.S. clinics in 2018.  Predictive Laboratories is a wholly owned molecular and genetic diagnostics company of Predictive Technology Group focused on hard-to-detect diseases, women’s health and infertility.  Predictive Laboratories recently completed a laboratory expansion to add capacity that allows ARTguide to be available more broadly in the U.S.



Endometriosis is an estrogen-responsive, chronic condition that arises from extra-uterine growth of the stromal or glandular tissue that line the uterus.  Often called the “invisible disease,” endometriosis affects an estimated 1 in 10 women in the U.S. during their reproductive years with many cases go undiagnosed.  It is common for a woman to experience symptoms—such as chronic pelvic pain, heavy or painful periods—for a decade or more before a diagnosis is made (13 years, on average, in China).  The current standard for diagnosis is laparoscopic surgery, to biopsy lesions found within the fallopian tubes or uterus.  Even with this surgery, intraoperative diagnosis by conventional laparoscopic visualization is frequently difficult and inaccurate.

Severe endometriosis with extensive scarring and organ damage is one of the most common causes of female infertility.  However, endometriosis can still affect fertility when no symptoms are present.  30% to 50% of women with endometriosis may experience infertility, and 25% to 50% of women who experience infertility have endometriosis.

Studies have linked the risk of endometriosis to ethnicity, with several reporting Asian women’s risk being nine times greater than that of Caucasian women.  A recent systematic review analyzing the outcomes of more than 1.9 million Chinese women found endometriosis to be associated with the worsening of obstetric and pregnancy-related outcomes, including miscarriage, pre-term labor, placenta previa, small for gestational age, and caesarean delivery compared to healthy controls.


Predictive Laboratories, Inc.

Predictive Laboratories’ discoveries in molecular and genetic diagnostics focus on unmet needs in women’s health, infertility and other diseases.  Predictive offers earlier detection of disease through genetic assessment to guide personalized precision medicine.  Leveraging its vast genetic database, Predictive enables the discovery of genes and gene mutations that identify hard-to-diagnose and detect diseases and their prognosis.  For more information, visit


Predictive Technology Group, Inc.

Predictive Technology Group aims to revolutionize and personalize precision patient care.  The Company’s entities harness predictive gene-based analytics to develop genetic and molecular diagnostic tests, as well as companion therapeutics, in order to support a patient from diagnosis through treatment.  The Companies’ tests and products empower clinicians to provide their patients with the highest level of care.  Predictive’s subsidiaries include Predictive Laboratories, Predictive Biotech and Predictive Therapeutics.  For more information, visit


CLSA Capital Markets Limited

CLSA is Asia’s leading capital markets and investment group, providing global investors with insights, liquidity, and capital to drive their investment strategies.  Award-winning research, an extensive Asia footprint, direct links to China, and highly experienced finance professionals differentiate our innovative products and services in asset management, corporate finance, capital, and debt markets, securities, and wealth management.  As the international platform of CITIC Securities (SSE: 600030, SEHK: 6030), China’s largest investment bank, CLSA is uniquely positioned to facilitate cross-border capital flows and connect China with the world and the world to China.  Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Hong Kong, CLSA’s global network spans 21 locations across Asia, Australia, Europe, and the United States.  For more information, visit


Forward-Looking Statements
To the extent any statements made in this release contain information that is not historical, these statements are essentially forward-looking and are subject to risks and uncertainties, including the difficulty of predicting FDA approvals, acceptance and demand for human cell and tissue products and other pharmaceutical products, the impact of competitive products and pricing, new product development and launch, reliance on key strategic alliances, availability of raw materials, availability of additional intellectual property rights, availability of future financing sources, the regulatory environment, and other risks the Company may identify from time to time in the future.



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