Predictive Laboratories Team Led By Laboratory Director Kenneth Ward, M.D. Receives 2019 Endometriosis Special Interest Group Prize Paper Award

Research presented by Dr. Hans Albertsen of Juneau Biosciences advancing knowledge of the genetic factors contributing to endometriosis receives award at the 2019 American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) Scientific Congress & Expo


SALT LAKE CITY (October 17, 2019) — Predictive Laboratories, a wholly owned molecular and genetic diagnostics company of Predictive Technology Group (OTC Pink: PRED) focused on hard-to-detect diseases, women’s health and infertility, announces Kenneth Ward, M.D., laboratory director of Predictive Laboratories and chief executive officer of Juneau Biosciences; Rakesh Chettier M.S., director of biostatistics of Predictive Laboratories; and Hans Albertsen, Ph.D., chief scientific officer of Juneau Biosciences, have received the 2019 Endometriosis Special Interest Group (EndoSIG) Prize Paper in the “Best in Clinical/Population Science” category.

Dr. Albertsen’s presentation entitled “Cytoskeletal and extra cellular matrix genes are key contributors in the pathogenesis of endometriosis” was delivered at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) 2019 Scientific Congress & Expo in Philadelphia on October 16.  EndoSIG is a member group of ASRM aimed at fostering increased interest in the biology, pathophysiology and clinical management of endometriosis.

“We are honored to receive this prestigious award from the ASRM Research Committee,” said Dr. Albertsen.  “As endometriosis is generally characterized as a hormonal and inflammatory disease, current therapies often come with significant debilitating side effects.  The scientific breakthroughs reported in these award-winning discoveries provide Predictive with insights into new non-hormonal therapies.”

The team’s research is based on the genetic markers of endometriosis discovered by Juneau and Predictive scientists in recent years, and uncovers molecular pathways involved in the pathogenesis of endometriosis-induced lesions in women at risk for the disease.  Juneau’s gene discovery work in endometriosis was also awarded the EndoSIG Prize Paper in 2015 and 2018.

Dr. Ward, a board-certified physician in obstetrics and gynecology, perinatology, clinical genetics and molecular genetics, presented two scientific papers at the Annual ASRM meeting:  a poster entitled, “Endometriosis risk allele in WNT4 may interact with rare mutations in HDAC2 gene” and an oral abstract entitled, “Somatic cancer driver mutations in endometriosis lesions contribute to secondary cancer risk.”

“We are tremendously proud of Drs. Ward and Albertsen and the teams at Predictive Laboratories and Juneau Biosciences for their research, collaborations and continued devotion to endometriosis and other gene discoveries that advance our understanding of fertility and women’s health, and lead to healthy newborns,” said Bradley Robinson, chief executive officer of Predictive Technology Group.  “ASRM brings leaders in reproductive care together from across the world to share findings, inspire new methodology and encourage collaboration to promote further development in reproductive medicine.”

In June 2019, Predictive Laboratories and Thermo Fisher Scientific announced a global research collaboration to study underlying genetic factors contributing to female infertility.  The two companies conducted meetings at ASRM in Philadelphia.  This partnership pairs Predictive’s innovative research and development capabilities with Thermo Fisher’s market-leading next generation sequencing technology and analytical capabilities to accelerate the understanding of the genetics affecting infertility for future development of diagnostic solutions.


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